We help real estate professionals save thousands on
self-employment tax by becoming an S-Corp

Use your time more effectively to help your clients.
Don't get bogged down by nit-picky bookkeeping, accounting and tax compliance.



Save on both Self Employment Taxes and Federal Taxes as you discover and track new business deductions - leaving more money to be re-invested in either your business or your life!


Legitimize Your Business

Back up your work and your worth with a P&L, a Balance Sheet, and an Accounting Professional to make a bigger impact on clients, banks, and colleagues.


Be Compliant

Learn and be guided through what it takes to be Self-Employed in your state!  Find out what you are missing, and become compliant at both the state and federal levels.

                   Choose the Best Service Tier for You

. Basic Bookkeeping
Tax Compliance
Tax & Beyond
Personal Account Manager
Quickbooks Subscription
Receipt Storage (HubDoc)
Real-Time Transaction Processing
Account Reconciliation
Payroll Processing
1099 Tracking & Distribution
Excise Tax Filing
1065 or 1120S business filing
Retirement Planning Assistance
Health Insurance Management

Let's talk and see if we are the perfect fit for your business!

BalanceMonkey will help you become more structured, and change the way you think of your business on a daily basis, in order to save on taxes, stress, and confusion.

Wondering if you are meeting the compliance requirements for the list above?